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Alternating Half Hitch

About this knot

I like to use this knot to create decorative loops at the top of any macrame that hangs from a hook or similar. The hitches are bigger on one side which bends the row of hitches into a curve or loop with the larger side of the knot on the outside.

How to tie this knot

The following steps show how to tie alternating half hitches in a row around a group of (filler) cords.

Step 1

Wrap the working cord around all the filler cords, going across the front to the left, behind and round the back to the right, and though the loop as shown in the diagram opposite.

And pull tight.

Step 2

Form the second hitch in the opposite direction. Go behind to the left, forward to the front, across to the right and through the loop.

And pull tight.

Step 3

These two alternating hitches are identical to a Lark’s Head knot but tied one hitch at a time.

Step 4

Continue in a alternating pattern, starting by creating a half hitch in the same way as step 1.

Step 5

And then repeat step 2 to complete the second pair of half hitches.

Step 6

And pull tight.

Step 7

Continue repeating steps 1 and 2, tying pairs of alternating half hitches. As you add more hitch the row will start to bend as the right side of the hitch is larger than left side forcing your work into a curve.

Step 8

This curve enables us to make decorative loops at the top of a plant hanger out of a row of these alternating half hitches.

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