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Half Hitch

About this knot

Half Hitches are knots that can be used to create a ‘tube’ or ‘thick rope’ type effect on any flat macrame piece. This 'tube' of hitches can create a twisted, helical rope effect.

How to tie this knot

Step 1

The following steps show how to tie pairs of half hitches in a row at 45⁰ around a single ‘filler’ cord. The filler cord in this illustration is natural (white) colour, and the six ‘working’ cords are yellow and red for clarity.

Step 2

Hold the filler cord at the desired angle. In this example 45⁰ top left to bottom right. Wrap the first working cord around the filler cord, going behind and under the filler cord around to the front and back over the filler cord again into the gap to the left, as shown in the diagram opposite.

Step 3

Pull tight while holding the filler cord at approx. 45⁰.

As you add more hitches, holding the filler cord at this angle will form a diagonal row of hitches.

Do not pull too tight, or the knot will pull higher than the preferred 45⁰ angle but pull firmly so the knot tightens evenly in place.

Step 4

Form an identical 2nd hitch with the same working cord by continuing round, passing the working cord behind the filler cords again and back in front, and then through the loop made from the first hitch.

Step 5

Pull tight again.

In this way each working cord is wrapped around the filler cord twice and locked into place. Most patterns use half hitches in pairs like this and a pair of half hitches is often abbreviated to 2HH.

Step 6

To form another pair of half hitches Repeat using the next working cord.

Step 7

Remember to tie 2 half hitches (2HH) with each working cord.

Be careful to keep the tightness of each knot even so that the half hitches are all the same size. Uneven knots will look bumpy when viewed all in a row

Step 8

Hold the filler cord at the angle you wish the row of half hitches to follow. The angle in the diagram below is 45⁰ downward to the right.

Changing Direction

Holding the filler cord in other directions you can explore more patterns, for example:

The horizonal row of half hitches is obtained by holding the filler cord straight across the working cords like this:

Similarly, for a wide circle, hold the filler cord horizontally as well.

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