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Wrapped 'Hangman's Knot

About this knot

This is a decorative knot used to gather a group of cords, typically at the start or finish of a macrame piece.

How to tie this knot

Step 1

Begin with a group of filler cords you want to wrap

Step 2

Lay a working cord in a loop over the filler cords. The loop should be longer than the length of wrapped knot you want, and the top of the loop should extend above the desired top of the wrapped knot.

Step 3

Begin wrapping the working cord around the filler cords at the bottom of where you want the wrapped knot to be.

Step 4

Simply wrap the cord around all the filler cords and the two cords of the loop you have made in the working cord. Pass the cord in front and then back around all the cords.

Step 5

Pull gently to tighten the working cord.

Step 6

Continue wrapping in the same direction as the first time around. Pass the cord in front and then back around all the cords.

Step 7

Each time you wrap around the cord pull the working cord gently to keep an even tension all the way up the wrapped knot. This will produce a neat even completed wrapped knot

Step 8

Keep wrapping (Pass the cord in front and then back around all the cords) until the wrapped knot is the length you desire.

Note: we started at the bottom of the wrapped knot and worked upwards, so depending on where you use this knot in your pieces you may have to estimate the length you want first to calculate where to start.

Step 9

Now pass the working cord at the top though the loop you made at the start.

Step 10

Pull gently on the working cord at the bottom, this closes the loop at the top and pulls the working cord at the top inside the wrapped knot.

Be careful to identify the right cord to pull as it is usually the same colour as all the filler cords. You may want to tie a small knot in the cord or mark the working cord with a piece of coloured cotton first.

As the loop is closing, pull on the top working cord to ensure there is no slack as the loop closes. This will keep the finished knot neat.

Step 11

Just before the working cord at the top is pulled into the wrapped knot, snip off the end to within 2cm.

Step 12

Finally pull this short end into the wrapped knot to complete it.

Do not pull too hard as you can pull the loop all the way through. Indeed, this is how you untie the knot. If you do this accidently or deliberately to practice the knot beware that as you trimmed the working cord you have less to work with this time and should adjust your starting loop accordingly to give you a bit more working cord.

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