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How did I get here?

Welcome my first blog post. Along with my subscriber's newsletters I hope to share with you my macrame

news, new design updates, tips and tricks and even the occasional photo Officer Dibble, my sproodle puppy. But first allow me to introduce myself. My name is David and I design, create and sell macrame patterns and kits. I made my first macrame plant hanger many years ago in primary school when I was only 9 years old. I can’t remember the teacher’s name but I can clearly remember the wonder I felt as the stringy jute transformed into a sculpted spiral in my hands with just a few knots. After I completed this first piece obviously I wanted more so I discovered the local haberdashers shop and bought more jute and beads and started making plant hangers at home. After plant hangers came wall hangings and even a set of hanging shelves. Initially I made pieces as gifts for friends and family, but soon I was taking commissions to boost my pocket money

The transformation of plain materials into a beautiful object is the aspect of crafting that excites me most. Over the years I have explored various crafts including macrame, wood turning, knitting, crocheting, model making and basket weaving, all of which take a dull starting material and usually through a simple repetitive process transform it into a finished product with a neat pattern or design. I have even enjoyed this type of transformation in my career as well, first as a chemist transforming raw chemicals into novel new materials and later as a IT guy converting raw code into finished applications. Always making, either with my hands or a keyboard. As with any craft, I think there is as much pleasure in making as there is in owning the finished product.

Another aspect of my hobby and my former career is my ability to convey ideas and concepts. As a respected colleague once told me, I “make the complex simple”. And so as well as designing and making my macrame pieces, I have combined these talents to create macrame patterns and kits. Making the complex simple, so everyone can now enjoy transforming a few spools of cotton cord into a beautiful macrame hanger or table decoration.

So join me on my creative journey, like and subscribe and even try a ButOneString design for yourself.

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